i-FRMS Fraud Risk Management System

Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) these days face acute problems with regard to prevention of frauds. Criminal gangs are evolving day by day to perpetrate fraud using various financial products offered by banks and financial institutions. Fraud Risk Management is an important function in the Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) and it is responsible for reputational risk as well as revenue assurance.

Fraud Typologies:

  • Cyber crime (Including debit and credit card frauds)
  • Account takeover fraud (Using SIMex)
  • Merchant frauds
  • Phishing
  • Vishing
  • Identity theft
  • Friendship frauds
  • Social media frauds
  • Payment frauds

IDBI Intech Offerings:

  • Geographical detections in customer’s transactions
  • Behavioural pattern analysis and alert generation
  • Transactions from the high risk location
  • Adverse media screening for merchants
  • Compatible with multiple CBS
  • Auto FMR generation for Regulatory submission
  • Analytical dashboards & various MIS reports