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Intelligence is the holistic and flexible understanding of customers that comes from gathering, contextualizing and analyzing data. Intelligence is data studied and scrutinized to produce actionable insight. Customer intelligence means placing information into context.

To gather customer intelligence, you need to draw on data from multiple sources and analyze it at the speed of business, in real-time. This intelligence tells decision makers “who”, “what”, “when” and “where”.

Customer Insight

Insight is the deep understanding of customers that comes from gathering, analyzing and synthesizing customer intelligence. Insight goes beyond the “who”, “what”, “when” and “where” to tell us “why” customers behave as they do, guiding better business decisions and delivering results.

Arriving at insight means learning customer behaviour 360 Degree across Digital Channels. Customer insight takes your intelligence, made up of data you’ve collected from various sources, and delivers actionable insight guiding towards opportunities you may have otherwise not been aware of. Be it identifying customer sentiments or churning customer data to derive value added services, it’s the crucial element needed to be a customer-centric business.

Understanding these differences is only part of the challenge of surviving in the era of the empowered customer. We at IDBI Intech offer Solution that can help elevate your business to a new level of customer-centricity.

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