Banking As A Service

Banking As A Service

Agility, innovate at speed, scalability, resilience and elasticity are bringing the paradigm shift in the financial services space to stay relevant and grow at efficient cost.

Intech, through its Fintech products, offers solutions on cloud as a service.

Compliance as a service

AML as a service

As businesses rely more and more on electronically stored customer data, regulatory compliance and security are becoming even more important to an organization’s stability and public image. AML as a Service on cloud offers a way for smaller businesses to navigate the rapidly changing technology and compliance landscape without distracting from their primary business goals.

If you’re looking to improve your company’s security and compliance, consider reaching out to an expert. At IDBI Intech., we help bank and insuarance companies throughout the complete lifecycle of specialized functions involved during implementation of Compliance into the organization , whether that means evaluating a current system or finding a compatible ecosystem or implementing a solution . Our services for compliance include:

  • Anti-Money laundering application
  • Risk assessment against regulation requirements
  • Preventing Internal and Channel Frauds
  • Tracking and monitoring process and System Audits
  • Monitoring NPA and defaults

Payment Recon as a service

Banks and Insurance companies require an integrated reconciliation platform to save on manpower while still providing the best practice reconciliation which is a cornerstone of Intech’s offering. A full audit trail, sign off process and the elimination of spreadsheets is achieved by using payment reconsilation as a service (Raas) on Cloud. Multiple types of reconciliations are being performed and performance analytics being delivered back to the client.

Certified Intech’s Reconciliation platform is highly secure, and benchmarked to reconcile transactions with volume peaks of up to 30 million transactions in a single day.