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  Customer Value Management (i-CVM)  
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  Customer value management (CVM) is about managing each customer relationship with the goal of achieving maximum lifetime profit from the entire customer base.
  Customer value management enables companies to take full advantage of the economics of loyalty by increasing retention, reducing risk, and amortizing acquisition costs over a longer and more profitable period of engagement
  i-CVM is a user friendly web based distributed application that captures information about customers and prospects.
  i-CVM can be integrated with existing enterprise applications, more specifically to Core Banking System (CBS), to source required customer focused information.
  i-CVM focuses on value management. In the “acquire, retain, grow” triad, iCVM focuses on “retain, grow” links to maximize value and strengthen the customer relationship.
  The solution enables customer relationship managers to understand the profiles of their customers to offer tailor-made context specific services.
  Offers enormous scope for up-selling and cross-selling other products and services.
  Built on Enterprise Java. Provides flexibility to choose deployment environment. Eliminates or reduces lock-in to any vendor. Can operate on a wide range of operating systems, application/web servers, and database systems.
  Leverages existing infrastructure. Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  Off the shelf solution with quick launch capability. Rapid return on investment.
  User friendly screens. Reduced training cost. Easy on-boarding for new users.
  IDBI Intech Limited has process excellence to rollout iCVM across many branches in short time span. This saves the cost of deployment and improves overall execution efficiency.
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