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  Cash Flow Management Solution (i-CFMS)  
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Cash Flow Management Solution (CFMS) is a workflow based web solution to help Asset Management Companies (AMC) serve their customers’ investment requirements instantly (reduced TAT). The solution connects the branches that are spread across the geography to the Head Office (HO) or the Central Processing Unit. Investors submit their requests over phone or in person to the branch relationship associates or managers, who in turn could use CFMS to route the requests to HO or to external agencies for immediate attention and processing.
  CFMS supports following types of user requests (or transactions)
    New fund offer (NFO)
    New purchases
    Additional purchases
    Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
    Switch from one scheme to another scheme
  Branch users and head office users are allowed to create, retrieve, update, and delete transactions. Adequate access controls govern all user actions.
  Branch users can post the transactions to the head office or they can forward the transactions to external agencies.
  Supports head office users to un-post a posted transaction.
  Offers comprehensive MIS reports. These reports are helpful to concerned users to understand the detailed and aggregate level view of various transactions, appropriately organized under different dimensions. The solution can be customized to accommodate additional MIS reporting requirements.
  Supports a comprehensive administrator interface to manage a wide range of solution customization requirements.
  Developed as a web based solution.
  Uses modular and scalable architecture.
  Developed on .Net / Microsoft platform with Web 2.0 capabilities
  Near zero latency in attending to customers’ investment requests. The fund manager is made aware of the requests posted by branches immediately, with no time delay. Agility and improved Turn around Time (TAT) guaranteed.
  High operational quality and eliminates operational risk. Risk of incorrect communication and acting on invalid requirements are avoided. Sidestep the archaic way of using spreadsheet, notepad, note book, post-it notes, emails, and phones to capture and transfer user requests. Highly transparent process with extremely high accuracy guaranteed with respect to data capture and communication.
  Out of the box with the ability to support from “day one” almost all the value chain requirements to support the operation connecting branches and fund manager in managing the deployment of funds.
  Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Eliminates the uncertainty and unpredictability in IT delivery with a ready to launch solution.
  Supports comprehensive business process map applicable in handling funds. Solution offers adequate headroom to accommodate any unique requirements that help differentiate your service offering from your competitors. The modular and scalable architecture model adopted in the solution permits high degree of solution customization.
  The solution enables total transparency with respect to the management of funds and customers’ investment requests. Timely intervention can be made certain with the web-based, anywhere available solution.
  The web-based solution model calls for one installation or deployment. Irrespective of the number of users or branches that exist today or that will come to existence tomorrow, the solution need not be installed anywhere except at the central processing unit. This means reduced overhead, faster time to market, and high degree of scalability.
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