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  Currency Chest Management System (i-CCMS)  
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Banks are maintaining Currency Chests as storehouses to keep stock of Bank Notes and Rupee Coins primarily to circulate currency and meet the client requirements. They carry out functions like remittance and withdrawal of currency, ensuring its integrity, availability and the maintenance of quality. For managing these day to day functions they require software which can cater to their needs in an accurate and efficient manner.

Currency Chest Module is a web based application which can be used extensively by Currency Chest to enter and record their daily transactions. The module provides daily mandatory reports like Inward-Outward Report, Bin Balance Consolidation, Net Effect, Link Office and Chest Slip etc. and extensive MIS.

Currency Chests have to invariably report all transactions Statutory Bodies. The module also provides data export to meet statutory requirements.
  Branch Module Branches can indent their Cash Requirements.
  Dynamic Bin Allocation
  Daily Mandatory Reports
  Data Export to meet statutory requirements
  Deposit and withdrawal of cash on First In First Out basis (FIFO)
  Diversion, Exchange of Currency
  Accuracy of Data
  Centralized / Remote Control
  Surprise Verifications by Inspectors / Officials made easy
  Control over frauds as Cash is put and taken out of vault on FIFO basis
  Extensive Logs, Audit Trails
  Maker Checker Concept
  Better Time Management
  Control on Cash Retention Limit
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