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Employee Brand Value
Intech pursues a strong Employee Brand Value (EBV) and it is our untiring and relentless passion to be branded as a leader for Professional Excellence, together with a vision to build an organisation of class, driven by Young and Dynamic Professionals.
Intech realises that the only competitive advantage for any organization is the power of its Human Capital and our management values merit as the key to reward performance and exceptional talent.
Our Objectives
  To build a strong brand identity.
  To be identified as a preferred employer in the industry.
  To strive and achieve excellence by engaging and retaining the best human capital.
Our Focus
The Human Resources team at Intech focuses to build a world-class team by adopting innovative recruitment strategies, and attract the best talent in the industry.
Our main focus is to build requisite talent pool to support our present and future business projects. To achieve this, our immediate efforts have been to hire talent laterally, bring into the organisation the relevant skill sets knowledge and experience. It is our dream to build learning and development solutions that continuously enhance employee value, in line with the growth plans of Intech.
Our Culture & Processes
Building a culture, which is unique and enviable, is another key prerogative of the HR function.
We have adopted a fair and transparent performance management process that finally aligns individual goals with corporate objectives, both quantitative and qualitative. This process will be followed by a reward and recognition strategy and a market based compensation structure that is flexible, responsive and helps retention of employees.
Work Force
Intech is a combination of diverse cultures and individual work-styles. The data provided here below gives, at a glance, key HR activities of the organization and also provides information on the areas identified and measured.
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