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Today, we live in a more complex and a fast changing world. To make sense of it and to succeed in it, you require sophisticated information systems. Enterprise Applications have always been the backbone of businesses since 1950s. The evolving technological possibilities have given creative space to build powerful enterprise applications that could have positive impact to businesses.
However, more often than not, organizations lack the required skills and guidance to develop such enterprise applications by using the best of the class technologies at a cost-effective manner. The end result is a staggering project failures with total cost destruction.
To navigate such a treacherous terrain of IT Strategy and Management, you need a reliable partner who can appreciate your challenges and who can help you succeed. IDBI Intech can help translate your business strategy into corresponding IT strategy and IT implementation.
IDBI Intech Limited offers following services:
  End to end IT Consulting
  Enterprise Application Development, Support, and Maintenance
  Independent Application Testing Services
IDBI Intech Limited can partner on following capabilities:
  Core Banking Support
  Application migration and reengineering
  Enterprise application integration
  Legacy modernization
  Systems integration
  Information management
  Documentation management
  Business intelligence
  Customer relationship management
  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enablement
  Web 2.0
  Cloud Consulting
Information Security Consulting

Information Security Consulting (ISC) practice is the high-end service offered by us. We assist our clients by offering Information Security Consulting services to effectively manage business risks by providing a full spectrum of corporate governance, risk management, and auditing services. These services are tailored to meet clients’ specific needs and provide effective support to management in meeting the challenges and opportunities presented by today’s complex banking environment.
IDBI Intech offers a wide range of tailored services and products to enhance IT governance, manage business risk, provide assurance on control effectiveness, and support in achieving the Organization’s business objectives. We are also capable of enhancing the effectiveness of the IS audit by supporting it with data analysis using ACL.
We have a team of talented young professionals possessing expertise in technical, functional & banking domains. The team members come from various educational backgrounds like Chartered Accountants, Engineers, and MBA’s. We have certified professionals like CISA, CISSP, CEH, BS 7799 Lead Auditor, CCNA, CCNP etc.
Our Information Security Services:
  Application Assurance, IT General Controls audit
  IT Infrastructure Security review
  Data Migration Audit
  IT Governance Consulting
  Information Security education
Application Assurance and IT General Controls audit
  Input, processing and output controls
  Verification of accuracy & completeness in the data processing
  Logical access controls and Interface controls
  IT General controls relating to applications such as User accounts management, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) controls, Change management, Back-up etc.
  Evaluation of Service level agreements (SLAs), Annual maintenance contacts (AMCs) etc.
  Evaluation & selection of software vendor
  Existence of Escrow agreement for Software source code
  Review of Operating systems security, Database security
  Review of Physical security
IT Infrastructure Security review
  Review of various IT Infrastructure elements
  Network: LAN, WAN,
  Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, etc.
  Operating system: Windows, Unix, Linux
  Firewalls, Routers, Application Server, Web server etc.
  Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
Data Migration Audit
  Review of process documents, mapping documents, conversion tools
  Migration from old systems as well as from manual records covered
  100% Verification of data
  Analysis with the help of internationally accepted auditing tools like ACL
IT Governance Consulting
  Alignment of IT plans with business plans
  Review and Design of IT policies and Information Security policies and procedures
  Evaluation of effective utilization of IT resources
  Formulation of Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan
  Designing of operating guidelines for IT users
  Consultancy on Business Process Re-engineering
  Compliance with legal & regulatory requirements
  Evaluation of Risk management strategies adopted by the organization
  ISO / IEC 27001 Implementation Consultancy
Information Security Education
  We conduct short duration Security awareness programmes, tailored separately for Top management, Users and IT management
  The programme includes factual case studies & importance of information security & simple explanation of various terms used in information security
  Our programme covers all the domains of Information security including, framing of polices & procedures, Disaster management, Incident reporting, Social engineering etc.
Information Security Assessment & Consultancy
The corporate information security assessment covers the methodologies put in place to identify the security gaps in the infrastructure setup, processes or people that can be exploited for cyber attacks. We partner our clients to assess their corporate information security setup in the area of
Architecture Review: The topology and configuration of the network and IT infrastructure components plays a vital part in securing information assets. We abide by the global best practices to propose secure architecture for our clients. Our architecture services assist in building a scalable security model for your IT infrastructure. The proposed security architecture would ensure high performance & availability while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity & authentication norms. With our expertise across security domains, we would deploy best in breed products to provide you with defense in depth.
The services cover consultancy in implementation of the Secure Architecture, Deployment of Security Technology, Training & Awareness, Security Management and Administration. The range of consultancy security solutions offered also cover Virus protection, Encryption, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Network Monitoring, e-mail & web security controls.
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