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Consistency in processes is desirable and the effects of a Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) activity create many scopes of change. Alterations are not always appalling, rather they become a necessity, especially in terms of profit generation, governance and compliance. IDBI Intech has a team of proficient banker that has currently concluded a BPR activity in a public sector bank. The team includes such an exercise with the following scopes
Scope for Structural Evolution- Structural evolution is not easy to implement. Processes can be subjected to change overnight but people and organizations typically cannot. Therefore changing the organizational structure after a considerable amount of time is not only required, but at one point in time, it becomes essential to have a makeover to include the elements of a radically changing business environment. This change management plan must include processes for facilitating information flow and communication across organizational boundaries.
A business report defines BPR as “one can think of the business process as a stage play: the play is written and directed (by management) to achieve an artistic (corporate) effect; the actors (employees) play their roles to enable this achievement; each scene (discrete event) contributes to an overall plot (process). Evolving BPR from Art to Engineering that unfolds sequentially, uniformly, and deliberately; and all is held together by the motifs and themes (policies and procedures) that manifest themselves as each scene unfolds”
Communication becomes the pain point in such a scenario as quite a number of gaps are found in the flow of information. Such episodes become the main obstacle towards the success of a BPR activity. This further cause the breaking down of change implementation, and in the process, the very essence of BPR gets lost.
Implementation of an agile and responsive frame of operation – One of the most important points to achieve in a company is to align the strategic goals of the company with the defined roles and objectives of the employees. It is generally recognized today that success in a changing environment is closely associated to how the enterprise manages and evolves its business practices as part of an efficient implementation of its overall strategic plan.
Comprehensive reduction of risk and cost of failure- There should be enough reasons for the enterprise to make significant changes for improvement. In the business setting, this motivation is often driven by actual or perceived failures in performance. This actual or perceived failure can heavily contribute in how the company creates its perspective in terms of competition in production, distribution, customer service, price, etc. The failure can also be in how competitive the enterprise’s products are in the global marketplace. All such thoughts contribute largely in a company’s decision to enter into a particular market or even to conceptualise new products.
The Intech team aims for the following key points while performing the BPR activity
Standardization of processes to the extent possible
Possibility of automation through better use of technology
Customer Service with focus on
  Turn Around Time
  Choice to the customer
  Friendly Ambience
  Knowledge Building
Staff Motivation
Simplification of Process
Cost Effectiveness
Better Controls
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